Tree Climbing: the history

The tree climbing as a tourist activity was born in 1983 in the U.S. came with Peter “Treeman” Jenkins , a retired rock climber who had the great vision of the potential that would be to enable anyone who wanted experience a canopy to climb it till the treetop. He started with equipment specific for rock and over time has adapted the technique and equipment for use on trees, Jenkins also founded Tree Climbers International in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. TCI is now a reference in climbing training and together with other groups/schools helps to develop standardization on using secure techniques to the segment. It was with them that we seek in a first moment to learn part of the techniques that we apply in the Amazon. Almost 30 years since the formalization of recreational tree climbing activity nowadays there are numerous organizations that promote and practice tree climbing around the world: in Japan, France, UK, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and many more.


Here in Brazil, although there were already people before us who worked with tree works or scientists crudely climbing for research fauna or flora from canopy, we from ATC, we are the first company formalized to implement and bring recreational tree climbing to Brazil, focusing tourism purposes. And just as Jenkins made a number of followers worldwide, here in Brazil after us is also shaping a number of other organizations practicing tree climbing in several states and also in the Amazon – which is great! It was a long way we had to set up all structure and to get here, to topple over the list of ecotourism and adventure tourism this brand new activity. And together we are all spreading the technique and passing to an increasing number of people the wonder of climbing a tree. Today we still find some limiting, for example, we have to acquire much of the equipment abroad such as ropes, harness, bigshot/sling shot, throw bag and throw lines, these are only some of the specific gear for trees and that without them to achieve canopies, to move through branches would be a slow and arduous process. Therefore here in Brazil there is no exponential market for such equipment. We are hoping for a near future tree climbing to become as common as kite-surfing and many other regular adventurous activities!

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