Boat expeditions


* Pick up at the hotel at 8:30am and transfer to boat;
* Meeting of the Waters (Solimões and Negro river get together to form the Amazon river);
* Floating Village;
* Janauary National Park (to see the giant water lilies);
* Canoe ride at night to look for nocturnes animals;

* Boat cruise up the Negro River in direction of the Anavilhanas Archipelago;
* Cruise on the Ygapós;
* flooded forest;
* Natives community, to see how they live and interact with the environment;
* Sunset tour;
* Overnight in the Jungle,

* Hike in the forest (medicine plants,birdwatching);
* Swim with pink dolphin at Acajatuba lake (optional);
* Swimming & lunch at Tupe Beach
* Return trip downriver to Manaus.
* Arrival in Manaus around 2:00pm.

4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS – the same as 3 days/2nights plus:

* Exploration of the Anavilhanas Archipelago and other islands known as Três Bocas;
* Canoe ride;
* piranha fishing and birdwatching;
* Visit a indigenous community to see their music, dances and costumes(optional);
* Return trip downriver, arrival in Manaus around 2:00pm.

5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS – the same as 4 days/3nights plus:

* Visit to the city of Novo Airão;
* walk around and visit its local handcrafts art;
* Cruise at the Anavilhanas archipelagos;
* Return trip downriver, arrival in Manaus around 2:00pm,

6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS – the same as 5 days/4nights plus:

* Discovering Madadá caves;
* Overnight in one of the 400 islands of the archipelago;
* Sunrise tour (the best moment to see birds and pink dolphins);
* Swim at one of Rio Negro’s white sand beach;
* Return trip down river, arrival in Manaus around 2:00pm.

7 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS – the same as 6 days/5nights plus:

* A third overnight in a jungle camp;
* Hike in the forest;
* Navigation around Jaú National Park area;
* Return trip downriver, arrival in Manaus around 2:00pm.

8 to 9 DAYS (Jaú National park) – the same as 7 days/6 nights plus:

* Arrival to the Jaú National Park, which is the world’s largest continuous equatorial forest park;
* Visit Aturiá community with their fruit and gardens;
* swim at Carabinani river waterfall, which is only possible in the dry season, when the current gets weaker and the low water expose the stones that forms it;
* Cruise at Igarapé Preto, a narrow tributary of the Jaú river with shallow waters;
* The visitation is preferred between August and October, when the water level is high it is possible to reach a waterfall;
* Hike through virgin forest to Itaubal waterfall;
* searching for ground mammals.


  • Expedições Fluviais
  • Expedições Fluviais
  • Expedições Fluviais
  • Expedições Fluviais
  • Expedições Fluviais
  • Expedições Fluviais
  • Expedições Fluviais
  • Expedições Fluviais
  • Expedições Fluviais
  • Expedições Fluviais

Please, contact us to know about the rates – prices per person in Brazilian Reais


Please, contact us to know about the rates – prices per person in Brazilian Reais



Technical Information

* Group size: minimum of 2 people;
* The value of the tour includes roundtrip transportation between, hotel-harbor-hotel,  bilingual guide, regular meals, mineral water and fruit juices, and all tours mentioned;
* alcohol drinks not included;
* Program may vary due to river and weather conditions, as well as physical &
psychological condition of participants.
* Every boat have at least: kitchen, dinning room, bathroom, solarium, rest area with

Be a well prepared  visitor!
* Remember that this is a protected area, so respect the rules of good conduct of the visitor. Enjoy its local beauty without harming nature and give the same opportunity to future visitors.
* You are responsible for your own safety. Do not take chances and hire an experienced guide!
* Bring your garbage back.  leave  no trace!
* Leave everything in its place, respecting the animals and plants. Boot cut or vegetation, do not remove stones and keep your distance from animals;
* Be courteous to the local population respecting their way of life. Slow down the boat to pass by other boats and communities.

What to bring?
breathable and confortable clothing, including: long pants, shorts, t-shirts, longsleeved
shirts, swim suit. also remember: flip-flops/sandals/watershoes, closedtoe
walking/hiking shoes, hat/cap, raincoat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent
(DEET) and Flashlight.

For further information take a look at our FAQ session. Or send your questions, intended date of booking through the  contact form. We will return to you soon.