The future of the Amazon x companies

They say the two most important days of our lives is the day we were born and the day we discovered the reason why we were born. Thinking thus, our first most important day was when Eduardo Cunha and Tassio Jacques thought together, in 2006, in what today would  be the Amazon Tree Climbing. The second most important day has being a construction of days … pretty well lived. Among the many personal desires of each employee working at the company today, it was possible to draw up the ATC profile by adding the similarities which came to the principles that guide the company from its beginning.

First we have only to thank our partners who dream together with us a tourism more equitable, efficient and honest to the city of Manaus. And our customers, more friends than customers, also form the other arm that gives us strength for tomorrow. On every day climb we receive confirmation of a right choice on how to engage beneficially in the Amazon. It’s always very motivated that we step into the jungle, to contemplate the scenic beauty, to set up all gear and to climb once more the magnificent living being that rises high above its broad arms giving us a hug. And the greatest gift of all is to see at the end of each activity the expression of satisfaction and achievement stamped on each face of who has climbed for the very first time and even on the most experienced climbers – the forest always surprises us all!

The brazilian Amazon in its whole extension has only 25 million inhabitants, of which 70% are concentrated in urban centers. That means we need to be more attentive to developing best practices within these cities. Our practice is to disseminate the value of standing forest, a value that we will talk more about in the next post. We end this here leaving you a reflection that translates well our ultimate goal:

“Companies of all sizes must consciously shape their cultures around the idea that they are here to help others live their lives with a greater level of satisfaction, to spread the happiness and welfare, to raise and educate, to assist its employees and customers and fulfill their potential. “  Sisodia, Raj – Firms of Endearment.

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