Single Rope or Doubled Rope?

Now talking a little of techniques to climb a tree we can start with the system of ropes utilized to get to the tree top, and they are two:

The Single Rope Technique (SRT) is a more traditional system that is used in rock climbing, caving , also used in industrial and many others. For trees this technique is used when it is too high. In this single rope system, thus to assist, it is also necessary to use mechanical equipment such as ascenders and descenders which can make climbing faster. Anchoring (way to hold the rope in the tree) is done by passing the rope around the branch and holding it with a carabiner – this method leaves the rope fixed on the branch and therefore limits the climber movement in the canopy. In general we can say that this is a broader technique by this being used in various segments and ideal for winning large vertical distances.

The Doubled Rope Technique (DdRT) is a technique that requires a specific rope for trees, the so-called hybrid rope. This rope has malleability as a dynamic rope and supports load as a static rope. The doubled rope is a technique specific for tree, although rock climbing has a double rope as well it is a totally different technique. Tree technique consists of systems of hitch due to start climbing is necessary to have six knots on the rope, and it does not use any mechanical equipment. The anchorage has a slack since the rope is passed around the branch with a cambium (this protects the rope and the branch avoiding friction) and tied with a knot allowing movements of the rope along the branch. The double rope is used for simplification by carrying less equipment, by facilitating the movement in the canopy and is the most widely used in arboriculture (tree work).

In fact there are several ways to employ the two techniques, both can vary by type of gear used, techniques that the climber likes and skill with knots since also exists countless variations. It is important that all climbers know pretty well how to use a doubled rope first, is the first step as a basic know how to use the rope and knots without using mechanical equipment facilitators. We from ATC make use of the two techniques, the choice depends on the specific demand of the occasion.

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