life renewal

Today is Easter! At least in the West, is. And for the Christian is (or should be) the most important date on your calendar – marks the moment when life overlapped to death with Christ being crucified and resurrected on third day to “save” the men kind of death as a proof of love. This is the meaning of the Christian tradition, but since ancient civilizations such as Greek, the date was marked as the change from hard winter for spring breeding. For Jews, though not celebrate at the same time, represents the passage of the Hebrews fleeing Egypt in search of the Promised Land. As you can see, this is a remarkable date in various cultures and faiths of the West. Above all, in these cultures Easter celebration remains the same idea: the spread of change, in renewal and passing. The rabbit was placed in the Christian tradition symbolizing reproduction/maintenance of the species, therefore the egg symbolizes fertility/abundance.

Regardless of belief, all must take this opportune moment and meditate on the deeper meaning of the feast and celebrate life. Celebrate life today and not for tomorrow, because tomorrow may not exist if we do not maintain today healthy and flourishing. Our message today is to take care of the forests, so basic to the balance between man and nature, so to the balance of life as a whole. Long live the rivers, the waters of the seas, the living beings that inhabit them. This moment to be the rebirth of lost cultures, wasted lives. That man learns to respect his neighbor and himself, thus providing a fertile environment of love, balance and abundance.

The “progress” of society is essential? Yes, it is! But be aware of it, considering all the chains and beings. That this “progress” is to be for ALL a real benefit, broad and unrestricted. That progress to be democratic and without prejudice to any creed, “race”, ethnicity, gender and also of species. To contemplate in our personal life projects (not death ones) all living beings. Happy Easter renewed with life and love!

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