In the turism industry Union strengthens

"Viagem na Natureza"box at Adventure Sports Fair

Between 18th to April 21th took place in Sao Paulo one more Adventure Sports Fair edition, this fair since 1999 brings together the entire universe on sport and adventure tourism. Over there whole adventure and ecotourism destinations from Brazil are promoted, lectures take place, several new products and equipment from this segment are presented and much more. In these days the Adventure Fair also dedicated space for outdoor business – the natural environment to the national tourism trade and thus to the ABETA (Brazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Companies, free translation).

The balance of the fair is always positive and this is undeniable, so we’ll focus more on ABETA performance during the event. For those who don’t know the year of 2011 was a real challenge for tourism in Brazil due to our Ministry of Tourism have been involved in corruption scandals, with it most of the projects to develop and leverage tourism were simply cut! In many countries tourism is a major source of income, which is the sector that contributes most to the GDP of some nations and here in Brazil, with the potential we have, there should be different. Tourism used to be relegated here, now contribute more and more to national income and so that’s why was getting more investment by the federal government – the potential is huge and those who travel even a bit around here has no doubt. The association of tourism businesses (ABETA) is essential to the segment to strengthen the positive role of business culminating in the final product that is to benefit the consumer, the tourist. The Association promotes and brand presence in every event on the segment and at this Adventure Fair was no different, despite having suffered investments cuts and reduced staff less than a third showed that its performance remains significant and relevant.

During the event in Sao Paulo, businessmen from different regions attended the board meeting, meetings of regional commissions, held an extraordinary general meeting, exchanged experiences and interacted knowing each other’s business, established partnerships and also were discussed future action plans . Became clear that ABETA is not an association acting only through the few directors that represents, ABETA is joint action, voice and vision of each one of the 300 members who seek consensus on the divergent or even controversial points. And those who were there have participated in group dynamics for the formulation of new goals, it rethought in a more efficient communication between members and the public, were evaluated (and confirmed!) The benefits that ABETA brings to members and how she can expand its performance and results. Even more clear became the feeling that we cannot depend anymore on public investment and that every entrepreneur (associated or not associated), that each one of us should be aware of and charge response or repair by the Government due the negative impact of this irresponsible and uncommitted management. Even though the Court recognized the ABETA suitability and exonerated her from any wrongdoing or against the public treasury, even so projects and development to the segment were impacted. And to change this situation the union of outraged ones makes the difference: ABETA who knows, recognizes its value and recommends!

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