Is there an age limit for the practice?

There are climbers with more than 80 years old that continues to practice. Much of it depends on the way you think and live. If a person thinks he is too old, it’s most likely that your body will follow your thoughts.

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What kind of medical limitation should I consider?

Whoever has any medical restriction that can interfere on your condition to climb safely and those who had any back injury or any other serious injuries, such as heart, should consult a doctor before climbing.

Is tree climbing competitive?

No. While other sports are very competitive, tree climbing is different, it is a recreational activity for joy and pleasure. No one is running to get to the top first, and there is nowhere to get after the canopy. It is an activity that evaluates the cooperation and teamwork. What we search is to appreciate the nature and also have the opportunity of a personal growth.

What if I am afraid of heights?

No one is forced to climb. There is no pressure, it is not necessary to go higher if the person doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s common that the climber discover that after getting to some point they acclimatize and the fear disappear. By feeling safer and more comfortable with the gear many people overcome their fear, surprising themselves with the height reached. The encouragement of the climbing mates also makes the climb much easier.

To which height can I climb?

It depends on each one, the height each one wants to get. At the guided climbs, the highest we are going to get is 46 meters (150 ft.)

Can I climb if I am out of shape?

It’s not necessary to be in shape to climb, but it helps, like on any other physical activity. The tree climbing is an activity where each one has its own rhythm.

Is it difficult to climb?

The answer to this question is totally individual. No exceptional strength is necessary. Whoever is healthy, active and not overweight is very likely to find the climb easy. People that are overweight or out of shape maybe find it a little more challenging. But do not worry, everyone has its own rhythm and we are not searching for performance, what we look for is a pleasant and joyful experience. And we have a long time to climb and appreciate the Amazonian nature.

What should I bring?

All the safety and technical gear are provided by ATC. You must climb with a long pair of pants and closed toe shoes. People with long hair must have it tied back during the activities. We also recommend bringing mosquito repellent, sun screen, a bottle of water and a swim suit.

Important Information to do the activity: please come with long pair of pants and closed shoes, bring something to tie long hair (whoever has it).  Don’t come with any jewelry such as earrings, rings and necklaces. Sunscreen and repellent are welcome.

Where do you climb?

We climb at Manaus and lower Negro river region. On many of our sites the access is only by boat. We also climb on private areas and at jungle lodges. We also have the possibility of climbing wherever we desire, because with the techniques we use, we don’t leave anything fixed at the tree, so it give us great mobility and freedom to climb wherever our services are required.

Which Training does Amazon Tree Climbing has?

Our founders were trained by Tree-Climbers International, certified in “Wilderness First Responder”, aerial rescue, survival, navigation and other courses at the environmental and sustainability area. Now we conduct our own trainings and we are the first company in the Amazon to be certified by INMETRO at the NBR15.331 – Adventure Tourism – Safety Management System.

Is safe to climb?

Tree climbing is a safe activity. All of our gear has the best quality, certified either by CE, ANSI or UIAA and many pieces are designed specifically for tree climbing. All the gear is inspected before and after each climb. We keep a record of all of our climbs and the ropes use. Every piece of gear can hold more than 2.000Kg (4,500 pounds). How much does a person weight? Every tree we climb is previously inspected and we follow rigid and standard safety protocols for adventure travel in Brazil.

Important Information to do the activity: please come with long pair of pants and closed shoes, bring something to tie long hair (whoever has it).  Don’t come with any jewelry such as earrings, rings and necklaces. Sunscreen and repellent are welcome.

Is it necessary to have any previous experience?

No, it’s not necessary to have any previous experience. The most important is the will to learn and the desire to climb. Practically anyone can climb a tree. We teach all the necessary techniques to use the climbing gear, to ascend and rappel in safety.

What should I take with me for the tour?

What should I take with me for the tour?
Backpack or small bag, comfortable clothes for hiking, clothes to swim in the river, sandals, closed shoes for hiking, cap or hat, raincoat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent and flashlight.

alcohol is included in the package? It can be consumed during the tour?

Not included in package. However, if requested in advance may be served and consumed in moderation by direct payment at the bar. Also allowed to bring on board, if you prefer.

what is the cancellation policy?

According to the Embratur normative deliberation No. 161, August 9th , 1985, in case of withdrawal after issuance of the voucher, up to 31 days in advance will be retained 10% of the total amount due operating expenditure and boat blocking. If the cancellation occurs 21 to 30 days of the beginning of the trip will be held 20% of the total. If the withdrawal occurs after the 10 days prior to shipment, will be retained 80% of the package.

If I want a private tour just for my group, it is possible?

Yes, it is possible. Simply choose the date and type of accommodation (hammocks or cabin) and pay the reservation with 30% increase over the value of the group, no matter if it is for family, couple or friends.

How groups of each expedition are set, regarding number of passengers?

If we already have a date scheduled with any group we can get more passengers in accordance with the availability of accommodation, either hammock or cabin. Therefore, the value of the rate will vary according to the number of guests at departure time. If we don’t have any boat tour scheduled in your desired date, we can open/inaugurate this new date with a minimum of two persons and so we will adding more passengers according to demand.

I’m vegetarian; would you put together a menu that attends my needs?

Yes, besides regular meals rely on any food of animal origin (eggs, milk, beef, chicken, fish and related), we can prepare specials menu. So you would have varieties of cereals, grains, vegetables and leaves, fruits and juices, breads… We may consider something more specific if you need and if you want to you can also bring what best suits your diet.

How the Amazon Tree Climbing expeditions are conducted?

If you are not interested on a privet we will try to gather more people on the same tour, that way the price becomes more affordable to everyone. We from ATC set our boat trips by hiring from a third part the boat and staff to run the tours.  Once our guests desires to share the boat with others and we do not receive more requests, we work together with other tour operators (partners of ours) in the same situation by gathering  all guests together in the same tour. Above all we with our experience in the Amazon assure that you are having a great product with a better price.

what is the best time to make a boat tour?

From January to June is the rainy season (winter) in the Amazon but the rivers levels are still low, this is a great time to enjoy white sand beaches all along the way. June brings the summer that lasts through the month of December, and the rainfall decreases with rivers in its full level, so the navigation through ygapós (flooded forest) is a must. Many of the activities involved on boat tours depend on the level of the rivers with their flood and ebb tides, which vary from month to month.

Is there electricity power?

The jungle lodges are far from Manaus and so many of them lack electricity. Some are equipped with generators and, in the periods that are connected it is good to utilize it to recharge electronic equipment. Check these details once booking.

Will I see animals? Which kind?

As we are talking about the wildlife we cannot guarantee which will appear and when the insurgency will be. But is common to see monkeys, iguanas, lizards, toucans, sloth animals, dolphins and alligators. Some hotels do rehabilitation work with animals, is worth checking what is offered to guests as an activity.

Departing from Manaus, how long it takes to get to the lodge?

It depends on the lodge you choose. But to most of them the transfer takes around three hours between the pickup and arrival. The travel time may also vary depending on the level of the river in different seasons.

Need some special vaccine or medication?

We recommended you to be with the portfolio of vaccines in the day especially the “yellow fever”. Dengue and Malaria have no vaccines. We advise you to make use of mosquito repellent regularly. We also advise that you bring any medication for personal use and recommended by your doctor.

What is essential to take?

We recommended to bring small backpack, comfortable clothes for hiking, clothes to swim in the river, sandals, closed shoes for hiking, cap or hat, raincoat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent and flashlight.

Is there a luggage limit?

It is advisable to take only one bag per person, with an average weight of 10kg.