Socio environmental

Amazon Tree Climbing (ATC) is dedicated on constant improvement of Adventure Tourism activities by:

• Promoting responsible Adventure Tourism in natural areas in general and promoting the development of sustainable tourism in our region specifically;
• Responsibly using natural resources and continually searching for alternatives to reduct the use of those resources;
• Minimizing life risk and maintaining the physical and mental integrity of all persons involved directly or indirectly with the Adventure Tourism products we offer;
• Attending the expectations of all of our customers including satisfaction with any contracted services; interacting with the environment and enjoying activities in safety and security through the adoption of industry standards and practices.

Our trees are previously inspected and the locations for our climbs are carefully chosen – we opt for areas of primary rainforest which offer us the best chances of experiencing wildlife in its natural surroundings.

For reasons of security, and to execute our service in its highest level, we maintain a ratio of 3 persons to every 1 guide. Our maximum is 6 persons per climb in order to guarantee the lowest level of environmental impact.

Safety and security are priorities for Amazon Tree Climbing, being an indispensable requirement and basis for all adventure sports and tourism activities. During our climbs we follow rigid safety and security guidelines for Adventure Tourism as prescribed by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), and instruct our climbers to adopt these same standards. We prepare each climber to ascend and descend our trees with the minimum amount of risk possible. All participants receive individual protection equipment and are instructed in the correct use of this equipment. All our equipment is checked and inspected rigorously before and after each climb.