About us

Who we are

Maria, our office manager in a relaxing moment

Amazon Tree Climbing is a pioneer company bringing the activity of tree-climbing to Brazil and a specialist in Amazons river expeditions.

Tree-climbing offers an opportunity to reach the tops of the highest Amazon trees. As an activity which allows visitors a new form of interaction with the rainforest- from the treetop canopy- we strive to convey a message of preserving the rainforest as it stands. Climbing trees and observing flora & fauna is a physically invigorating activity, a challenge and a personal conquest!

Our river expeditions allows visitors the chance to experience in depth the rivers and forests of the Amazon, its wildlife, and its people.

About our founder

Eduardo Cunha is a young businessman, photographer and longtime rock climber, who has traveled the world practicing the most diverse sporting activities. Before becoming an adventure tourism operator he has lived unique experiences in all four corners of the planet. His experience as a traveler and climber in more than 30 countries has resulted in the creation of a uniquely innovative business in Amazonia – a very special place! The idea emerged a few years after entering and knowing the forest, but its soil. From there the desire to know the rich treetops universe became potential.

His passion for nature and climbing motivated the creation of Amazon Tree Climbing, an enterprise that provides outdoor activities, direct contact with nature and with local communities in a sustainable manner. And so the whole technique to reach the canopy professionally and safety was sought in the U.S. to later be enhanced with European techniques. The Amazon Tree Climbing also has a team of young and versatile staff ready to face the most varied demands.


The Amazon Tree Climbing aims to offer to its customers and amazonian society  the unique experience of knowing the treetops with all its biodiversity, always promoting: quality, safety, balance and respect for the environment. Thus, the company follows rigid protocols of security from the Brazilian Adventure Tourism sector and forms part of the first small group of Adventure Tourism businesses in Amazonas state certified by national standards specific to this sector.

A commitment to the quality of our services may be confirmed by the following action – we take no more than 6 persons each time up into the treetop canopy which allows individual attention, guarantees a higher level of safety and minimizes the environmental (and social) impact on the locations visited.

Fabiano & Eddy after a day climb

Furthermore the locations visited are previously selected and the trees we climb are minutely inspected before all climbs. Primary rainforest is the ideal place for viewing wildlife in its natural state. Individual personal injury insurance is offered to all of our clients (EcoTrip). Learn more about the preparations Amazon Tree Climbing takes in the section Safety & Security Policy.