Adventure Parks x Tree Climbing

While talking about tree climbing is common to hear many times people saying: Oh I know, is the same as Adventure Park, isn’t it? No, it is not! Therefore we felt the need for an explanation about individual characteristics of both:

Arvorismo (extraído de:

The adventure park is also an adventure activity relatively recent that consist in crossing a walkway suspended from platforms mounted in the treetops. The origin of the practice is controversial, but some people says that emerged in Costa Rica in the 80′s being used primarily by canopy researchers  weary of the constant up and down to collect data. Later in France and New Zealand, the activity was directed to entertainment purpose, and thus the whole structure for the practice has been enhanced with steel cables, zip lines, networks, suspension bridges and more. In Brazil only in 2001 the first adventure park circuit was raised in Brotas/São Paulo city, and now in many Brazilian states you can find the activity.

Although tree climbing and adventure park are an adventure activities for all ages and both use safety equipment for vertical practices, the similarity stop on that. The basic differences between them are that the first one does not use fixed structure, it means, all equipment necessary to climb is taken and assembled when the activity starts and bringing all back once finished. Despite the adventure park uses platforms, today the assembly of the circuit already considers the preservation of the environment and trees involved. A climbing activity basically consists to climb in a single rope, without touching the tree, to walk and sit on branches and rappelling back to the ground. Another big difference concerns on tree climbing performing with small groups and the adventure parks are designed for large number of people at once. Also, a circuit can be constructed in nature or indoors as buffets, shopping malls, universities and others. But tree climbing, no. The idea of climbing a tree is to be in nature, is the involvement with that particular tree and look of its surroundings flora and fauna. In the end, one thing is certain: the choice goes to your taste and both are well worth it to be practiced but most of all, decide for serious companies committed with safety and to the environment.

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